Prepping for my first long ride + route advice

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Prepping for my first long ride + route advice

Postby rocksandhammers » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:14 pm

Hey everyone. I've been riding since last July on my '06 S50, put about 12,000 on it so far. I'm planning on making my first decent trip next week and I wanted some feedback on what I've done to prepare so far and if anyone along the way had some tips for avoiding spots with heavy construction along the way.

Currently living in Lansing, MI and I'm planning on riding down to Evansville, IN next week to stay with my girlfriend during the solar eclipse. It's a little over 400 miles and the longest I've ridden so far is close to 300 in one day, but that was still within a couple hours of home.

Within the last month or so I've done quite a bit to the ride. Lubed the throttle cable, changed the coolant, changed the clutch drive plates, did the valves, replaced the front air filter, put in DPR9 plugs, oil and filter change, put on new brake pads, and flushed the brake fluid (in that order). The only other things I was planning on doing beforehand is clean the back air filter out, change the drive oil and tighten the frame bolts to spec. While traveling I'll have just a basic wrench wrap, set of hex keys, stuff to plug the tire and some extra fuses. Is there anything I haven't done that I should? Anything else I should bring?

I was just planning on taking I-69 all the way down for the most part. I know there's some construction around Noblesville and Bloomington/Martinsville, so if anyone in Indiana has some alternate routes that won't add too much time I would appreciate it. I just don't want to get stuck in standstill traffic in the sun and having the bike get too hot.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Prepping for my first long ride + route advice

Postby old time rider » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:34 pm

Thats a nice easy ride to start with.Sounds like a good start.You say you got stuff to plug the tires. Are they wire wheels with tube type tires? Plugs will not work in them. You can warp a foot or so of elc. tape around the middle of a wrench or screw driver and still fit back in the tool kit.That few miles all should go good but you never know. Stop about each 100 miles,top off gas,drink some water,and walk around a bit.Use sun block if you burn and carry a sting or first bite stick of some kind.I keep one on every bike in the bug months.Extra shades.Rain gear and a dry pair of socks. Good luck and have fun. [emoji106]

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Re: Prepping for my first long ride + route advice

Postby WintrSol » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:27 am

Many (if not all) states have web sites that show current and planned road work. I use those and Google Maps to find what I can avoid, and how. Sometimes, you just have to get off in a small town before the construction and ask a local how they would get around it.
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Re: Prepping for my first long ride + route advice

Postby 98VS1400 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:13 pm

I know it's hard to do on the bike you have, but if you can figure out how to carry a small 12v air compressor you'll appreciate it should you need to patch a tube road side. I wired in a 12v SAE connector in my VS1400 so I could attach various items to it. You'll appreciate it should you need to charge a cell phone too.

My other advice is to take cash. Having a plan like AAS is helpful too, but not necessary. If you're talking about 400 miles round trip then you'll likely have no issues. Just ride without worry.

As someone else used to say, everything always seems to work out on a road trip.

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