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street bob

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:58 pm
by Steveinsandiego
my favorite HD jus' cuz of its old skool looks.

test rode one a couple of years ago...maybe was a left-over 2015, but not sure. i really enjoyed the test spin. easy clutch, easy throttle, easy shift, easy brake, easy ergos...i mean, what's not to like? at idle, the incomparable HD shake commenced, but, heck, once y'crack the throttle, it disappears.

really liked/like it, even the new softail with the gaiters, but i simply cannot justify the price.

if, IF, i ever bought one i would probably throw on mag wheels (i hate traditional spokes...too difficult and time-consuming to keep'm sparkly), maybe move the foot controls forward a tad. stock otherwise does good for me.