looks like wrenchin' section

The information presented here applies to most all motorcycles in general.
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looks like wrenchin' section

Postby Steveinsandiego » Thu May 18, 2017 5:04 pm

wrench? Not I, said the pransom hince.

i'm all thumbs. my tools are BAD, mostly old hand-me-downs.

i can change the oil and filter; and clean, lube, adjust the chain. that's about it on the v-strom.

i was much more capable on the kawi vulcan 1600: oil/filter easy, of course; shaft oil very simple; plugs and air cleaner filter - in yo' face; valves...hydraulic...YES! i didn't do brakes or tires (except to plug a hole when a plug was satisfactory).

i'm also a S-L-O-W learner. here's the procedure with me:
1st time. you show me.
2nd time. i help you.
3rd time. you help me.
4th time. i show you.
5th time. 'bout ready to do it myself.

well, ok, i can switch out a battery w/o messing up.

i take my bikes to a local indy for tires and valves, and anything else that might boggle my non-tooled mind.
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Re: looks like wrenchin' section

Postby lonerider » Thu May 18, 2017 5:50 pm

Don't sell yourself short. Sometimes all you have to do is start digging in to a job and you will discover it turns out to be easier than you first thought. Look at it like this: if you get in too deep, you can always bring it to the shop. Meanwhile you will still learn a lot of what makes your bike "tick."


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