Ghost fuel line exorcised

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Ghost fuel line exorcised

Postby 1sttightwad » Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:31 am

I took some disclosure oil and put into the fuel lines to see where all the gas was coming from and think the oil ( mineral oil based UV fluid) loosened up a stuck float. I guess .No more leaks from that overflow line.. Now my bike has a leaking fuel pump.Or did it always leak and I just noticed it. .. Could this have been a problem then and now of my bike starting, sometimes idling for a couple of minutes and shutting off? Dave.. I must add that the leak occurred while I was holding my choke as far as it would go.. It does not go all the way to the butterfly mark and has more to go, hence I held it as far as it would go while cranking and then the bike would run a while and shut off. The leak is not small and looks like it is between the top silver portion and the black bottom.

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