Who makes Cyclear windshields?

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Who makes Cyclear windshields?

Postby Joe A » Sat May 06, 2017 11:16 pm

So... I hate windshields, but am leaving on a trip next week in the middle of a predicted thunderstorm so am starting to see the appeal.

Every bike I've had came with a windshield, which I took off as soon as I got it home. The windshield for my 99 VL1500LC, which I'm taking next week as it's the only one running, has a Cyclear sticker on it, and a serial number.

I can't find, and don't remember, any special mounting hardware, but damned if I can figure out how it goes on.

A google search for "cyclear motorcycle windshields" just brings up links to National Cycle (pretty sure that's not it) and Memphis Shades (doesn't look like any of their models) and links to the usual suspects, retailer wise.

Does anyone know who actually made these things? Seems like they had enough pride to serialize them, but not enough to establish and/or keep a web presence.

Or, barring that, does anyone know how to mount the damn thing? I sure can't find any hardware, and I don't remember there being anything special to take it off, but I've done my best over the years to kill as many brain cells as possible.

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Re: Who makes Cyclear windshields?

Postby old time rider » Sun May 07, 2017 8:26 am

The ones Suzuki had stock with the lowers were as good as any non frame mount I ever rode behind .The lowers really did a good job on the up draft. I rode out west one time with out one in 1990 on my 1984 FXST and was stung by a hornet :eek: at Devils Tower ,Wy..Ever since then if going out of state have one on.If staying in one place like my 1995 Sturgis trip took it off for a week and put in tent when we were doing less than 300 miles a day on side trips.In over 600 miles days IMO your body feels lots better at end of day with a shield on.Winter and below 20 they are a must for me on all day trips.Image
Now in a big storm with lots of wind they can be a bear to keep in a line,even more so if a light bike and big shield.

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Re: Who makes Cyclear windshields?

Postby 98VS1400 » Sun May 07, 2017 10:18 am

A Google search of "Cyclear" got this:

https://bikescreen.com/products/fairing ... r-m-158310

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