Stebel Nautilus Compact Twin Air Horn Install

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Stebel Nautilus Compact Twin Air Horn Install

Postby Night_Wolf » Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:42 pm

Stebel Nautilus Compact Twin Air Horn Install

On Saturday, 4 Feb 2006, I installed my Stebel Nautilus Compact twin air horn in my 2002 Suzuki Intruder VS1400. In the preparation stage, I had found that with the stock configuration of the bike, there was no available space to install the horn internally. So, I ordered a pair of K&N RC-1820 pod type air filters to enable removal of the stock airboxes. Suffice it to say that the front airbox was removed and the rear airbox removed, cut apart, and reinstalled in conformance to the cultural wisdom of

With the front airbox removed, there proved to be space sufficient for the air horn inside the frame rails just behind the steering head. I removed the front tank mount and drilled two 5mm holes for button socket head M5 screws 1/2" apart as shown in Fig. 1. These holes were positioned so as not to interfere with the mounting bolts that go into the existing holes.

Fig. 1
Next, I fabricated a bracket from a piece of 0.020" stainless sheet that was cut to 2" x 3". I made a 90 degree bend along a line 1/2" from one of the long edges (for stiffness). An 8mm hole was located in one corner, 1/2" from each edge. With the bend oriented up and bent away from the viewer, the 8mm hole was located in the lower left corner. I bolted the tank bracket into the frame, clamped my work to it, and held the horn in place while I marked the work for the first hole. I took it out, drilled one of the 5mm holes, bolted it to the tank bracket, held the horn, marked the place for the second hole, then took it out again and drilled the other hole. Finally, I made another 5mm hole on the narrow upper surface of the bracket for mounting the relay that came with the horn. Fig. 2 shows the bracket, and it looks funny because I've rotated the photo until it's upside down in order to be closer to the orientation it has when installed.

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