LED Brake / Tail Light Conversion

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LED Brake / Tail Light Conversion

Postby Night_Wolf » Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:17 pm

LED Brake / Tail Light Conversion

Toadsucker’s LED Brake / Tail Light Conversion
for the Suzuki Intruder 1400

After having my tail light bulb burn out on me one dark night I started thinking about an LED conversion. First off, I’m no electronics wizard. However, a little web surfing found a schematic for an LED brake light that is no longer available :bang:

That circuit, and the information and electronics formulas presented with it, gave me a decent starting point. The circuit only acts as a brake light, though, and since I wanted the LED’s to function as both tail and brake lights, a trip to Radio Shack netted me some resistors of varying values to experiment with. Eventually, I modified the circuit a bit by adding a second resistor for tail lights, and lowering the resistance value used for the brake lights in the original circuit to provide a brighter light, while still maintaining a margin of safety by keeping the amperage below the 40 mA the LED’s are rated for. The difference in brightness is very noticeable.

I placed an order for 60 Ultrabright Red LED’s from DigiKey . My modified circuit uses strings of 5 LED’s in series. There are 6 strings wired with both the 330 ohm (tail light) and 100 ohm (brake light) resistors for tail and brake lights, and 6 wired for just tail lights with only the 330 Ohm resistors.

The rest of this project including the pictures can be found @ Night_Wolf's Lair (LED Conversion)
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