A fitting tribute

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A fitting tribute

Postby jeffcoslacker » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:53 pm

Maybe it's time I gave them a chance...I hear they have another album coming out soon.

Like a lot of people, I just felt that AIC died when Layne did....maybe Jerry did too, to some degree, if I understand these lyrics correctly.

Seems sad that one's gotta be tormented and volatile to be a great frontman. Like a lot of really sad people, Layne was a clown around people, belying what was really in his head. The video is a nice collection of good moments....


They will never be the AIC they were, but could still be a great band....I guess no reason to wear blinders just b'cuz.

I like this one too. Has a good 90's AIC vibe to it.


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